Never stop climbing...
Never stop being yourself...

As a contemporary witness to the last forty years of climbing history, I want nothing more than to clarify my personal point of view, and perhaps stimulate others to reflect on these matters as well. The freedom that allows everyone to decide for himself and the right to our own opinions and choices should remain an inviolable principle of the climbing experience. The content of this website is based on notes I wrote down when I was young and at the top of the game and they express the vision I had about the future of climbing in the mountains.
Climbing enriched my life like no other activity. Climbing and mountaineering are a wonderful school of life: it’s a path that has heart and soul. I have never been an extraordinary athlete—at best I was more open-minded and mentally less limited than most climbers in my surroundings—but that didn’t matter, because climbing was a very personal challenge. It was like a second life lived within a different world; it was a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a form of meditation. My approach to the mountains and climbing was organic because it served no other purpose than to enjoy life and freedom.


Sapere Aude

Sapere aude: “Dare to think for yourself”! Immanuel Kant’s definition of the phrase is the most fitting proposition one could make to many of today’s alpinists and climbers. In practice, Sapere aude is all about eschewing unconditional alignment to the opinions and tastes of admirers who don’t really understand what we are doing. So-called “professional” climbers rush from one so-called “record” to the next to earn their bread and butter. But there’s no time left to consider the “how” and “why”, and in the end they themselves no longer understand what they are doing.

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