Once climbing was useless
nobody noticed the crazy individuals
who lived in a world of their own...

Climbing/Alpinism once was a playground for kind-of-crazy-outsiders, adventurers of the useless. Climbers lived for the day, following their dreams about rocks, and their only real problem was how to reach the next hold. Nobody cared about them and their parallel universe. That granted them a simple life in poverty, but on the other side total freedom... Climbing/Alpinism in actual times follows very different purposes: many modern climbers are more attracted by social recognition and sponsor contracts than by real adventure. The style has lost importance, all that matters are numbers and self-invented records to impress journalists and make headlines in the media.



But after all, the real climbers are still out there, doing their own thing. I have deep respect for climbers with no “higher” purpose, climbers who enjoy climbing for themselfes. I’m bored as hell by the messages of success, coming from people who are out to justify their sponsor contracts. Most of these so called “professionals” are prophets with no message! The public/media movement pursues nothing but the gratification of a mindless crowd! Only a few can avoid to end up just as superficial as their audience and to succumb to total self-absorbation. At that point all deeper spiritual aspects of climbing are hopelessly cancelled from their minds.

The actual climbing world...
dreams realized or destroyed?

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